Candice Lee, Creativity Facilitator

Candice Lee

Unleash your creativity,
one Step at a time.

I help individuals and teams overcome creative blocks and achieve their goals through personalized coaching, creative workshops, and structured sessions. Unlock your potential with tailored strategies, focused guidance, and actionable plans.

From A.R. Lane

“I was so stuck and was being pulled in too many directions.
Candice helped me figure out what I really wanted out of my author business.”

Why you should work with Me

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. To overcome it, focus on starting small, breaking tasks into manageable steps, and celebrating each victory along the way."


One on One

Personalized coaching to help creative entrepreneurs overcome procrastination with focused guidance, accountability, and actionable strategies.

Personal Creativity Workshops

Ignite your creative spark and overcome blocks with supportive workshops that enhance your personal creative journey and practice.

Corporate Creativity Workshops

Foster innovation and enhance team dynamics with workshops that encourage creative thinking and improve productivity in professional roles.

Create O’Clock Working Sessions

Structured sessions to help creative individuals break through blocks with in-depth coaching and support for sustained creativity.

Unlock your creative potential today. Schedule a free consultation and start your journey to success!

Meet Candice

Candice Lee MacAulay is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur with expertise in writing, music, and mindset shifts. As a bestselling novelist, she has captivated readers, while her entrepreneurial skills are showcased through founding a successful e-commerce business. Candice also designs affirmation products, blending creativity with positive thinking, and she is an amateur music producer, adding another layer to her diverse skill set. This extensive experience makes her an exceptional Creativity Facilitator, guiding others to unlock their creative potential.

I have so many resources that can help you achieve your creative goals

I provide a variety of resources designed to empower and enhance the journeys of creative individuals. These resources include guidebooks, templates, and tools specifically crafted to address common challenges faced by creatives. They offer ongoing support and inspiration, ensuring that you stay motivated and productive on your own terms.

What others are Saying

“Candice is so much more than a coach. She helped me break through a slump and finally get back into a daily routine, which in turn helped me get back into writing.”
-Noah Steele

How to work with me

Step 1

Reach out to schedule your free consultation.

Step 2

Discuss your creative goals and challenges.

Step 3

Begin your personalized journey towards creative success.