The CIEL Method: Get Unstuck
The CIEL Method: Get Unstuck

Finally Move Forward With Your Manuscript

You're a writer struggling to move forward with your manuscript because of a lack of:

Creative Direction

You need help smashing through creative blocks by getting guidance on the writing process.

Goal Setting

You need help defining your writing goals and developing an action plan.


You have trouble keeping yourself accountable and would benefit from having someone help with follow through.

Positive Influence

You don't have much support for your creative efforts and need an encouraging, positive guiding presence.

The CIEL Program

The CIEL Program can be completed in two difference methods:

Comprehensive Program

The CIEL Comprehensive Program is a 6-week program with weekly one-on-one sessions and accountability check-ins.

Each week goes through a step-by-step process to address writing blocks and a lack of direction and accountability while enjoying the positive influence of an encouraging writing cheerleader.

By the end of the program you will have tackled your creative blocks, identified goals and created an action plan so you can get unstuck and finally move forward with your manuscript.

Intensive Program

For those who are on a deadline and need a quick fix stat, the CIEL Intensive Program is a two hour session where we hammer out all the details in one go. If you have no need for accountability check-ins and simply need a guiding hand or outside perspective to help you tackle blocks and identify goals, then this Intensive Program is for you.


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How It Works

You're looking to tackle your writing blocks, define your goals, and create an action plan to get unstuck so you can finally move forward with your manuscript.

And you need a positive, encouraging presence to guide you through it all.

That's where I come in.

I work with clients by taking them through the CIEL Method Program. With one-on-one sessions and take-home activities, we go through a step-by-step process called the CIEL Method.

By the end of this program, my clients are equipped with the tools needed to finally finish their manuscripts.

The CIEL Method

Context, Identification, Execution, Lifestyle
We look at the Context of your current situation. What’s going on right now that made you reach out for coaching? What does your day-to-day life look like? What’s your creative process? What are the blocks you’re currently experiencing? Why do you think these blocks are happening?

Once we’ve got a handle on what’s going on right now, we shift toward the future and start Identifying your goals. If you're unsatisfied with your current situation, how do we change that? What would you like to change? What goals do you have? What’s hindering you from reaching your goals? What problems keep cropping up? How can we address those problems?

We then focus on how best to Execute an action plan to reach those goals. Knowing what you want is one thing. Knowing how to get what you want is another. We develop a step-by-step process for you to follow to reach those goals and overcome those blocks, while monitoring and tweaking the plan as needed.

The most important aspect to the CIEL Method is this last one, and that is: The action plan must fit into your current “Lifestyle”, whether that’s your daily schedule, your writing routine, your creative process, etc. We’ve looked at your current situation and we’re not making huge changes to it. We’re making small changes, one at a time, so it’s easier for you to execute the plan. We'll make it as simple as breathing for you to follow through on the action plan. Your “lifestyle” will remain as close to the same as before, while still making room for change.

To find out if the CIEL Method is right for you, book a free discovery call.

What Clients Are Saying

Candice is so much more than a writing coach. She helped me break through a slump and finally get back into a daily routine, which in turn helped me get back into writing.

Noah Steele

I was so stuck and was being pulled in too many directions. Candice helped me figure out what I really wanted out of my writing career.

A.R. Lane

I never could have gotten to where I am without Candice. Her guidance was so helpful when it came to my storytelling and her encouraging style was so positive and uplifting.

Mia Harlan

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