Candice Lee, Creativity Facilitator

Candice Lee

About Me

Meet Candice

Hi! I’m Candice Lee MacAulay! I’m a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur focused on writing, music and mindset shifts. I’m also, in no particular order: 

  • a multi-six-figure bestselling novelist
  • an e-com business founder
  • an affirmation product designer
  • an amateur music producer
  • a Creativity Facilitator 

I know what it’s like to have that creative dream calling out from your heart. In the last ten years I’ve learned how to launch those dreams of mine into the world. I want the same for you.

A Message From Me

You have a brilliant creative idea, but it remains just that—an idea.
Life gets in the way, and you struggle to find the time, motivation, and support to bring your vision to life.
Every day, you see others achieving their creative dreams, and you wonder why you can’t do the same. The frustration of seeing your potential untapped grows, and the fear of never accomplishing your creative goals looms larger.

Personalized Support

Choose specific days and times to work on your creative project. I’ll check in before the session to prep, be on standby during the session to provide real-time feedback, and debrief after to ensure you stay on track.

Consistent Progress

Start each session clear and motivated, and end it productive and unblocked. With my support, you’ll make consistent progress on your project.


Think of me as your personal trainer for your creative dreams. You show up on time, I show up on time, and together, we get it done.

How to work with me

Step 1

Reach out to schedule your free consultation.

Step 2

Discuss your creative goals and challenges.

Step 3

Begin your personalized journey towards creative success.