Candice Lee, Creativity Facilitator

Candice Lee


"I provide resources tailored to empower creative individuals and enhance their journeys. My guidebooks, templates, and tools address common challenges, offering ongoing support and inspiration to keep creatives motivated and productive on their own terms."

Stop Dithering, Start Doing: Quick Start Guide for Multi-Passionate Procrastinators

Hey there multi-passionate procrastinator! Are you drowning in ideas but struggling to turn them into reality? Say goodbye to procrastination with my free guide, “Stop Dithering, Start Doing: Quick Start Guide for Multi-Passionate Procrastinators”. Packed with easy exercises, tailored for you, it’s time to end the overwhelm and start taking action today!

Passion Project Prioritizer
Calculator Template

Having trouble choosing your passion project? My Passion Project Prioritizer calculator helps you make data-driven decisions, determining the best return on your time, energy, and investment. Access now for a copy of the spreadsheet, tutorial video, and bonus templates to start taking real action today!

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