Candice Lee, Creativity Facilitator

Candice Lee


Our Services

I offer personalized 1:1 coaching, personal creativity workshops, corporate creativity workshops, and Create O’Clock working sessions to help you overcome blocks, ignite creativity, and achieve your goals.

One on One Coaching

In personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, I help multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs overcome procrastination and kickstart their passion projects. Each session offers help with:

Personal Creativity Workshops

My personal creativity workshops help individuals ignite their creative spark and overcome blocks. These sessions often help with:

Create O’Clock Working Sessions

Create O’Clock is a structured program designed to help creative individuals overcome their creative blocks. It includes:

Corporate Creativity Workshops

In my corporate creativity workshops, the sessions include:

Create O'Clock Packages

Casual Creative Dabbler

You don’t have a specific goal in mind; you simply want to have something creative to look forward to. Perfect for those who enjoy creativity as a leisurely activity or hobby. Typically 1 session a week for fun and inspiration.

Ambitious Art Explorer

You have a specific creative idea you’re eager to explore and are ready to invest time into your creativity and finish your project. Typically 2-3 sessions a week to make steady progress.

Passionate Project Pursuer

You’re passionate about your creative project, determined to launch it into the world and are willing to invest significant time and energy into it. Perfect for those who are serious about making substantial progress quickly to see your creative vision come to life. Typically 4-5 sessions a week to Get It DONE.

How to work with me

Step 1

Reach out to schedule your free consultation.

Step 2

Discuss your creative goals and challenges.

Step 3

Begin your personalized journey towards creative success.